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We have been practising sustainability for years.

All products having this symbol are exclusively woven and finished in our sustainable German production facilities and tailored in our Czech site.
Total amount of investments:
From 2014 to 2019 ca. €1.7 million reducing CO² emissions by 42% in this period of time Considering all steps mentioned in this leaflet, the potential to save larger amounts


  • Recovering heat from various plants
    to heat the administrative facilities
    to pre-heat process water
  • Using natural water resources, treating this water after use and feeding it back into the public water network
  • Changeover of steam generation from hard coal to gas
    considerable reduction of CO² emissions
  • Heat insulation of a variety of equipment to reduce steam loss
    considerable reduction of CO² emissions
  • Acquiring a detector for losses in steam and compressed air piping
    considerable reduction of CO² emissions
  • Insulation glazing will substitute for single glazing
    saving much energy / considerable reduction of CO²emissions
  • Additional insulation of steam piping to avoid loss of energy
    saving much energy / considerable reduction of CO²emissions

  • Optimum continuous production planning to use the least amount of water, raw materials and energy is our top priority.
    responsible use of natural resources
  • Chemical and dyeing materials are used according to ecological and economic aspects. The legal thresholds stipulated by Öko-Tex and REACH are met and in most cases amounts are far below the thresholds.
  • Packaging materials are cut to a minimum and material loss due to production (such as beginnings and ends of cloth)is reused.
  • Waste fabric has been used as packaging material in our facilities for a long time. Product carriers such as tubes and cores are always in circulation between our facilities, processing companies and external customers. Maximum lifespan is of utmost importance when choosing carriermaterial.
  • The quality of our equipment is critical for a product’s lifespan and for this reason essential for our sustainability policy.



  • Changeover from energy-intensive fluorescent lamps to LED lamps
  • Computerized calculation of the application rate of 100% ecological potatoe starch for product finishing to reduce heat consumption and effluent charge
  • Reusing empty yarn tubes and packaging
  • Modernizing the digital control system of the airconditioning system
    saving energy